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Diane wells
Re: Any successful rebatchers out there? - 1998/06/10 02:40 "We mill plain white soap made from tallow and some veggie oil. We grated it after it was very dry and then mix with water and whatever else we put in. We grated about 10 lbs of soap all at once and store it until we use it. We have made buttermilk, calendula, superfatted, rosewater, and frankensense and myrrh soap. I actually help a friend do this, I make veggie oil soap myself (I like the less fuss and bother). What has happened both times we did the milling thing was the soap really shrunk up like crazy after the drying period, and my friend re-melted and remolded it with fantastic results. We also have found that bigger molds work much better. We are currently using 4" across plastic pipe, cut into 18" lenghts. We mill about a pound of soap for each type we make. Hope this is helpful. "
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Any successful rebatchers out there?
Rachel 1998/06/09 14:10
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thread linkthread link Re: Any successful rebatchers out there?
Diane wells 1998/06/10 02:40