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Soap Industry News - 1998/06/13 02:37 "PRESS RELEASE JULY 1, 1998

New Industry Leader Unveiled

Welcome to 'The Saponifier'; offering extensive, timely and informative news to Soap and Toiletry Makers! Specifically
designed for use within USA, the content in this valuable
bi-monthly publication is also suitable for worldwide use -
bringing you in-depth research on essential oils, herbs and
oils used in the industry, plus a host of other ingredients -
you will be able to build your own extensive reference library!
Also included are Listings of suppliers to the industry, plus
up to date soap industry information.

Brainchild of Kathy Tarbox, of Petal Pusher Press, 'The Saponifier' brings a wealth of knowledge to the hands of 'small' soap and
toiletry makers, especially those without computers who miss out
on the information available on Internet lists. "I felt that a
printed publication is much needed in our industry," said Tarbox.
"Aside from the newly-formed Handcrafted Soap Makers Guild, very little information is available to the small soap and toiletry
makers, both small business owners and hobbyists," she said

"By having a printed source of supplier contacts and information
ready to hand, internet users also have protection against the
horrors of a computer crash, thus saving months of hard work rebuilding an online list!" said Tarbox.

'The Saponifier' certainly provides a mountain of information in
each issue:

Instant Wisdom
In addition to reporting the latest happenings in the soap and toiletry world, the Guest Editorial section will feature
knowledgeable articles from soap, aromatherapy and herb industry leaders.

Know your Ingredients
'The Saponifier' brings you comprehensive and informative
information on many of the ingredients used by soap and toiletry makers to form your own in-depth reference library! Ranging from
the individual essential oils, through base oils, superfatting
oils, nutrients and clays - plus many others, each listing will discuss the benefits, properties and/or warnings from each of
the individual ingredients, which will help you to build your
own personal ingredients file! In addition, this information
will be released on CD-ROM at various times of the year at a
special price to subscribers, enabling you to research your
own essential oil combinations at the touch of a button.

Resource Guide and Regional Happenings
Who's selling shaving brushes on the East Coast at the best
prices? Where can you go to get a great deal in packaging
materials? Which suppliers have no minimums? 'The Saponifier'
Resource Guide tells it all.

This guide not only has a 'Who, What, When, Where and How'
for buying, but the Calendar section also details a host of information on trade shows, herb festivals, gatherings or fairs
to attend, as a free service to our subscribers. Classified Advertising is also associated with the Resource Guide, in the MarketPlace section, whilst display advertising is available
within the other pages of each issue.

Healing Herbs
The healing properties of herbs will have a special focus in
the publication. 'The Saponifier' brings you information from
the most knowledgeable sources, as leaders within the herb
industry discuss their herb of choice at length in each issue.
If you have wanted to learn more on herbs, or how to make an
infusion, decoction, tincture or maybe your own ointments and
salves, this section is for you!

Smarter, Not Harder!
Any new business needs a little help from time to time. 'The Saponifier' shows you how to make the best of yourself and your products with topics ranging from optimizing your management and marketing approach, to streamlining your production and making
the most of the hours in each working day.

Share Your Stories
Readers are invited to share their successes, hints and tips,
new ideas and methods for the benefit of all. Said Tarbox:
"While sharing is an unusual concept in many commercial
operations where the words 'trade secrets' are bandied freely
around, by contrast the Internet is full of sharing.
'The Saponifier' brings the joy of sharing into the lives of
subscribers, many of whom have not yet found the world of
wonderful resources on the Internet."

Subscribe to "The Saponifier" today! First 100 subscribers will receive a special bonus gift, plus be placed into a drawing to
win one of 5 free yearly subscriptions!

For more information visit

21815 62nd Ave. NW
Stanwood, Washington 98292-6816
Fax: (360) 654-0145

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