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I keep forgetting to tell you............. - 1998/06/15 00:50 "You know all that soap that you rebatched and weren't happy with? Don't throw it out! Just regrate or squish it up if it is still really soft and remelt it with some milk.

Rebatching (I hate that word, the correct term is milling)isn't as persnickity as making the basic soap. Getting it to melt is the hard part, and it is pretty difficult to mess up after that. "
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Hey powder milk lady!
Cesar :o) 1998/06/14 09:27
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thread linkthread link Re: hey powder milk lady!
Doreen 1998/06/14 10:55
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thread linkthread linkthread link I keep forgetting to tell you.............
Doreen 1998/06/15 00:50