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Re:Joe, Mo and Denise - 2009/06/16 07:20 Hi Marla! Good to see you back on the Board! Thanks for your comments about my website. It needs some major updating when I can get around to it but I'm happy with it.
I do use "chemical" preservative in my lotion. Lotion is mostly water and one would be just asking for trouble not to put an anti-biotic in it. I use Liquid Germall Plus. I also use Vitamin E as an anti-oxidant for the benefit of both the oils in the lotion and the skin of the customer. I have a bottle of it that's at least 3 years old and still no sign of "cooties"! The recipe can be found on this site under "recipes".
My Intense Moisture cream is a different story. No antibiotic preservatives in there, just REO and Vitamin E. I think the addition of neem oil helps too. I tell my customers to keep the cream very clean and cool and if they're not going to use it within 6 months,to buy the smaller size. This cream is a HUGE seller! I'm very proud of it as I put a great deal of research and trial and error into it.
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