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Re: benzoin/orris root powder - 1998/05/28 15:44 Benzoin powder is usually called for in recipies to act as a preservative as well as a fixative for scent. I personally have found the liquid resin to be great for this too.
Orris root is definately a fixitive but Im not sure about any preserveing qualities it might have. I do understand however that a huge percent of the population is allergic to it. This would probley make it unappropriate for many of your potental soap users. Commercial potpourris often substitute Celuloise (ground corn cob) because of the allergy factor. In my potpourris I use Calamus Root when concerned. E.g. dream pillows. Hope this helps. Please excuse my spelling!!! Kate
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Benzoin/orris root powder
Sharon Wilson 1998/04/26 09:57
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Kate 1998/05/28 15:44