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Re: EO production - 1997/09/27 05:37 "Well Matt, I am sure after looking into it, you will find that buying EO's is the way to go. It takes over a ton of some flowers to make a tiny amount of essential oil. Essential oils are extracted from plant material by two main methods (1) pressure (like in the case of citrus oils) (2) steam, water or dry distillation. It is quite an involved process and takes different types of apparatus' as well as knowing what plant requires what type of extraction. (let alone being able to obtain sufficient plant matter) Now what is fun and easy to do is make infusions... you can put plants into your warmed oil base (or in grain alchol) and let it sit for a few weeks, strain out the plant matter and you have a nice scented oil with some of the properties of the plant. (Alchol can effect saponification so I will usually warm it in some of the water I am going to use and let the alchol evaporate...) I suggest you find a book on essential oils and you will learn much more than I can relate here. :o) Debbie -gms"
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Re: EO production
Debbie -gms 1997/09/27 05:37
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Matt 1997/09/27 06:15