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Voyageur - 2009/03/13 19:15 Just ordered some stuff from Voyageur. I was dissapointed they did not show blackberry passion fo in stock. That has been a strong seller for us for three years now. Anyhow I ordered some blueberry fo but made the comment that I missed the blackberry passion. After I placed my order I got an e-mail from them telling me that they did in fact have blackberry passion in stock. It just came in a few days ago and they had not updated the web site. They asked me if I wanted the blackberry pasion instead and I replied yes but to add an 8 oz. bottle of the blueberry anyway. I want to try that one.

Good peeps to work with.

Gotta get a batch of my peppermint going. Has always been my favorite. Lots of my customers agree.

Happy soaping all....

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