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Howdy folks - 2009/08/02 03:12 Very quiet here. I did send off an e-mail to Mo some weeks ago and have not got a repy from her. I just hope all is well with her.

I work 4 10 hour shifts now on swing shift. Not the best job I've had but I'm just happy to be working and paying the bills.

Mrs. Saponious and I are just doing a Sunday Market these days. So it's off to market tomorrow morning. Just poured a batch of "Bitter Orange" a while ago. Some old customers were asking about it and hey, the customer is king. I kinda like that one myself. I add infused calendula flower petals in my batch. Kinda helps out with the orange theme and looks cool as well.

Way past bedtime for tomorrow but my job has got me used to being up late. Oh well. Best wishes to all you wonderfull folks...

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Howdy folks
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