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Re:Helloooo??? - 2010/05/03 18:50 Hey everyone!
Good to see you all here. I have been so busy as the rest of ya'll. Made a few batches of soap this last week, and they turned out very nice. It really stinks to have been making soap for over 20 years and to have a batch just not turn out good at all... that was last month.. but now it's warmer in the shop, and the wooden molds were warmer and I think I was in a better frame of mind.
Have been going down to south FL alot lately to help my mom. We just found out that her house has alot of mold in the walls. We have to tear out several rooms and also her carpet. We had to put in a new air conditioning unit to help.. We are seriously planning on moving to be closer to her. I hate moving. I think I have as much stuff in my shop as I do the house! At least it seems like it. I haven't done any shows in a long time, but I do have my web site and get most all my sales from there plus a few regulars. I have my Esthetician's license now so I am still purchasing equipment for doing spa facials, and will be using all my own products. I really look forward to that. My sisters want to team up with me if I move down there and have a type of wellness center and sell natural products and services. Hope that works out.

Well, got a little wordy, but haven't checked in with you guys in a while, although I will stop by and read posts every now and again. If anyone wants to get ahold of me feel free to keep my e-mail: write anytime!

hugs to all my soaper friends
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