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Debbie? Re: liquid soap - 1997/09/27 10:57 "Marcia, I would add the gm at the beginning of the process. I am sure after reading that book so many times you have a good grip on the process. Just dive in and go for it. Just remember not to give any lye discount, due to the extra oil can cause your soap not to lather as nice. I like to add extra glycerine (makes greater lather) and let it set several weeks, although when you use the higher temps and boil it, you can use the soap right away (when your processes are complete). I also like to add Vitamin E. Hope the best for you... let us know how it turns out. Debbie -gms"
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Debbie? Re: liquid soap
Marcia 1997/09/27 07:47
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Debbie -gms 1997/09/27 10:57
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Marcia 1997/09/27 12:07