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Quality control - 1998/05/31 13:01 "I have been at this soap making adventure for well over a year now. I make 10-12 pound batches. It seems that each batch has a mind of its own no matter how careful I am. I am using coconut oil, palm oil, and Olive oil. I find that I have problems with getting a consistant nice looking bar. They are mottled and have some white residue on top. They past the "Tounge touch" most times. I'm not sure about what I'm doing wrong. It seems that the palm oil bathces are less predictable than those made with crisco. I weigh on a scale each item ...three times! Could it be a quality problem in the oils them selves? Perhaps the lye? (There are no lumps in the lye) The temps are 98-100 degress. Each is poured into a wooden mould and covered. Sometimes the bars are grainy and fail the tounge test. I am at a loss both mentally and finically with each failed batch. The more I make it seems the worse it gets. Please help."
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Quality control
Frankie 1998/05/31 13:01
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Debbie 1998/06/05 04:25
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Suzy 1998/06/14 13:50