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Marielza Martins
Big batches - 1998/06/01 12:47 "Hi!

I would like to have a reliable recipe for larger batches (50+ bars at a time), that I can use for presents and for commercial (crafts) purposes. Soapmaking isn't a hit in Brazil (where I live) yet, and I would love to introduce some friends to the wonders of homemade soaps. I can't seem to find tallow, palm oil or palm kernel oil in large and cheap enough quantities for bigger batches, so I would appreciate it if the recipe could be made with coconut, hydrogenated soybean, canola, and/or olive oil only. Any ideas?? Thanks all! Marielza.

P.S. Any other recipes for bath bombs, besides the ones already posted? I gotta try these things, they seem like a blast!"
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Big batches
Marielza Martins 1998/06/01 12:47