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Maria Hillmer
Cold Process-Oven Process Soapmaking - 2004/07/07 09:24 "I am a novice soapmaker (very novice). I have come across a method of cold process soapmaking where you put your finished soap in the oven for hours and it is ready to use in about 2 weeks. Unfortunately, the site that mentioned this method of soapmaking did not go into the details about the oven process method. Can anyone fill in the blanks for me about this process? It seems appealing because the curing time for the soap is quite a bit less. Thanks for your help.

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Cold Process-Oven Process Soapmaking
Maria Hillmer 2004/07/07 09:24
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thread linkthread link I love CPOP and I do it all the time!
Robin 2004/07/07 10:34
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Lilly 2004/07/25 01:28