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Re:deb1gms - 2009/12/23 20:23 I am so sorry Marla! I didn't see your post. I have been popping in here and there, and missed it! OMG..

To answer your questions, the wax paper on the soap was wax sheets I bought in a box from Sam's Club. It is called "Kabnex Wax". It's interfolded deli paper, 500 in a box, made by Dixie paper co. I really like it.

The school I went to was AVEDA Institute. Its the top school of the industry in cosmetology and estiology.
I took Estiology Science. Loved it! It was difficult because it was alot to learn, but I had one advantage in that I know natural ingredients to cosmetics and their application and cosmetic formulation. Learning anatomy, physiology and histology, was some of the tough stuff. I did well, and even though I was the oldest in the class the whole school... I still kept up with the kids. Probably had to study twice as much..ha ha.. but passed the state exam with a "100"... We had to also do practical exams, and we also provided services for guests.. facials, waxing.. what ever.. I was able to get my license as a Full-Specialist Esthetician, which lets me legally touch people provide skin care treatments and recommend products. The most joy I got from school was that I was able to go with my daughter! My daughter took cosmetology. I was known throughout school as "Missy's mom". loved that.. she is one seriously talented young woman. She was offered a job at a high end AVEDA spa/salon before she graduated. I hope to soon start seeing my own clients, but still have a few pieces of equipment to purchase and several more products to formulate for services and to sell. It has opened up a whole new world, beyond soap. Making soap gave me a great foundation because I have researched the effects that natural botanicals and oils have on the skin, and have used that knowledge to formulate specific lotions, creams. ointments etc as well as having more of a skin care type of soap.
Well, I must close for now. This is the second long note I have written here, but the first one didn't post! argh.. I am sorry that I didn't get back to you sooner. If anyone wishes they can e-mail me directly any time at:

Wishing all my dear friends here a wonderful and joyful new year!

Many hugs to all,
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