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Hey there all - 2010/06/12 17:56 Stopping by and checking in with ya'll.

I made a few batches of soap last month, which was the first I have made in a few months. I give a bar of my unscented oatmeal soap with the order of a couple of my skin care products, so I tend to run out of that. Personally I love the scented ones best.

I have been going crazy trying to move..again. Decided to move closer to my mother in south Florida. She slipped and fell the other day on a greasy floor at Kentucky Fried Chicken. She sprained her wrist and jolted her neck and body pretty good..(bad). My mom is 75 so I started thinking it's probably past time for me to move closer. Right now I live about 7 hours from her. What's sad is that I think I have more stuff in my soap shop than in my HOUSE! I can't believe what a pack rat I am. I have all my soaping gear, show equipment, my spa tables and my esthetician equipment, desk and office stuff..... I think I have half a huge truck just for my business. This ol' gal is tired. I have several more weeks of packing and then I'll be on the road moving near Tampa.

Hope all the soapers are doing well and having a prosperous summer.

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Hey there all
Deb1gms 2010/06/12 17:56