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Re:What FDA defines as a drug, cosmetic and/or soap - 2012/01/18 19:25 There is a difference between a medicine (drug) and a cosmetic.

Anything which claims to cure or fix a condition is a drug. This must be tested and approved by the FDA. Anything that claims to relieve is a drug i.e "relieves itching/stings/bites/acne".

A cosmetic is something which changes the appearance but is not permanent i.e eye liner makes the eyes look larger but does not actually make them larger.

Moisturiser is not a drug but a cosmetic. It does not get rid of wrinkles but reduces their appearanceby filling in the lines with the moisturiser. If anyone claims that it removes fine lines and wrinkles they are making drug claims, which is illegal.

This is where weasel words come in with the cosmetic industry. You can say "may reduce the signs of aging" but you can not say "will reduce the signs of aging" The later is is a medical claim not a cosmetic claim.

The FDA had to enforce these changes to protect the consumer. There were too many companies (large and small) making outrageous claims as to what their product could do. Many were making medical claims with what was basically a very ordinary moisturiser and some controls had to be put in place.

With regards to soap, you may not say that it relieves Eczema and Acne - not without having it scientifically tested and proven. Relieving is a medical term. You can use weasel words and say it "may help relieve the itching associated with Eczema" but you cant say it will.

In my personal estimation hand made soap is awesome for Eczema sufferers (which ironically you could say because it is not a medical claim) It works because it doesnt irritate the skin like commercial products do, nor does it strip the skin of its protective oil mantel.

and thats the guts of the whole thing, you can not make medical claims if its not a medicine.

Simple really.
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