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I love CPOP and I do it all the time! - 2004/07/07 10:34 "It's simple. I use a wooden block mold. Make soap as normal. Line my mold with Reynolds Oven Cooking Bags. Set oven at lowest temp (for me that's 200 degrees) and pop the fresh soap into the oven.

Now, here's where opinions differ. Some people turn their ovens off and leave the soap in over night. I actually, leave my oven on and monitor the internal temperature of my soap. I tend to keep the soap temperature about 10 degrees the flash point of my fragrance oil. But, if the flashpoint of my FO is one of the wonderful ones that's over 200 degrees, I tend to let my soap temperature get up to between 180-190 degrees. Once I've hit the temp I'm after, I take the batch out of the oven and start dinner! I just set the batch on the counter and cover it lightly with a towel so that it doesn't cool down too quickly. It's ready to cut the next morning and stack on the drying rack. Doing the CPOP method, the soap is safe to use pretty much right away, but it still requires a couple of weeks to dry. I have found that the hotter I can let the soap get in the oven, the less dry time it needs. I have had batches dry and bars hard as rocks in as little as a week. I'm a firm believer in the CPOP method!

I've never done the CPOP method in the individual plastic molds, but then again, I hate to use individual plastic molds so I hardly ever soap with them anyway. Perhaps someone else can shed some light on those in the oven for you if you need it. "
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Cold Process-Oven Process Soapmaking
Maria Hillmer 2004/07/07 09:24
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Robin 2004/07/07 10:34
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Lilly 2004/07/25 01:28