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Market - 2009/03/22 06:20 Went to the local market meeting for the first time ever thought I would join up for the season. After sitting there for 2 hours I had made up my mind it was not the market for me due to the person in charge.
However, there was another soapmaker there who I know threw craft shows in the area, she had been a member of this market last year.
Well, she came up to me after the meeting was over and said quote" I don't mind the compition but this is a small market and I don't think it can suport 2 soapers, YOU might want to look eleswere." I just stood there for a moment and stared.
Now the reason for her not wanting me there is simple I out sell her at every show. I don't want to brag but my soap is packaged nicer and displayed better. It is all about looks at shows. To make a long story short I smiled and said thanks for the information , but I think I will give it a try anyway. The look on her face was , I can't wait until April!
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