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Re:Market - 2009/03/22 09:08 Good for you Jane for holding your ground! I think this other vendor was totally out of line. Her response was because she felt threatened by what she perceived as someone else who also sold soap.
As a veteran at an outdoor market (our tenth year) we now have about 6 other soapers. We all get along pretty well too because each vendor offers something different in their line- we have three glycerine soapers and the remainders are cold process. Many a time if a customer is looking for a type of soap that we don't carry or one made with certain ingredients, I'll tell them to get out "such and such" booth. Our thought is to keep the business in the market.
Stay put in this market where you are at- markets are a great source for advertising your products and increasing your sales. We've had several buyers place special orders for their shops at these types of markets!
take care,
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