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Re:Market - 2009/03/22 13:24 Jane, don't back down from these wimpy attemts at intimidation. At our Sherwood market there is a family that sells mostly live herbs but also some nuts, berries and fruits when in season. The wife has been making and selling soaps as well for the past few years. We do not have any problen with that. Her soaps are very "cute" I guess I could say. Our bars are larger and we sell cold processed soap exclusively. We take pride in the premium ingrediants we use. Most customers that try our soap come back for more. Some soapers load up their recipies with corn oil and can sell much cheaper than we can but quality most always trumps cheap. Way to go Jane!!!


PS Job interview Tuesday. The owner has seen my resume and likes what he sees. I'm cautiously optomistic. Woo Hoo...

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