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Re:Joe, Mo and Denise - 2009/06/14 21:55 Thanks Deniese and Marline,

Yep, that looks like the last e-mail address I had for Mo. I'll get an e-mail off to her in a day or two. I hope all is well with her.

Ginny and I had a fun day at our Sunday Market today. It was opening day. We had lots of old customers stop by and a good many new customers as well. It is a small market but has a great location. Lots of foot traffic. They have a cooking demonstration and live music at every market so that does not hurt.

I have to share this one. A little red haired boy probably 8 or 9 ran up to our booth with the biggest smile. He looked up and down the soaps we had and then spotted our peppermint. He grabbed one like a shark after fresh meat. His mom told us, "He is sure glad to see you folks back." Of course they bought him the bar of peppermint soap. It is these sort of things that keep me doing this crazy thing. All in all, a good outing.

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