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Denise - 2009/08/05 19:47 Hi denise, sorry I have been soooo busy I only get on here once in a great while. When the snow hits I should have more time.
Thanks for replying to my question about the lotion. I am getting ready to try lotions AGAIN. I made some before but just wasnt real happy with them, not enough to sell. I have not tried the germal plus but I have the optium plus (is that right)I have heard it is the closest to natural. I fear home made lotion for the public simply because people have so many skin conditions and most would jump to say the lotion caused something. How long have you been selling home made to the public?
I did make the lotion recipe that you gave me a while back (I changed out some of the oils) and I do like the way it feels for me. I have noticed that it seems to seperate some after sitting for months. I still use it because I dont see anything growing. Have you noticed anything like that? maybe I didnt mix it enough or do you think that is common?
Let me know how it works for you and thank you again for all the help you have given me. marla
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