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Re:Denise - 2009/08/06 08:33 Hi Marla! I'm glad to help you out!
I have never had a problem with the lotion and the public. I have one bottle that is several years old and still looks and smells fine. The cream is another story because it has no preservative and now and then people tell me it turned south on them. However, since they were made fully aware when they bought it and insisted that the cream be ALL natural they knew it was a possibility.
Back to the lotion. It shouldn't separate to the point where you see a layer of water. If you changed up the oils as you said, I suggest you make sure you're using enough ewax to compensate for the change. Simply put, you need enough emulsifier to keep the mixture emulsified because oil and water really don't mix! If, when you shake it, your lotion looks better then don't worry too much about it. However, you really don't want a bottle of separated lotion sitting on a store shelf somewhere! So, try adding a tad more ewax. I think that will solve your problem. Denise
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