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What is everyone doing? - 2010/08/20 08:11 Hello All!

I would love to hear what everyone has been doing this year.

I moved to Homosassa, FL a small town near Tampa. Just been doing more of my internet business, but plan to open a small space where I can give facials and sell my skin care products. My sister is considering opening a hair salon, and there is a space next door to her, so we will see as the year progresses. Just bought some Lavender EO, and hope to make some Lavender & Rose Geranium soap next week. Problem is all my shop works is now in the garage..yuck.. but will figure it out soon. I am just leasing this house and in 9 months will start looking for just the right place to buy. I moved here to be close to my mom and my sisters. My sisters are morphing into creative overdrive with crafty money making ideas. Everyone needs to do something else beside their job to eek out a living. So.. lets hear from you!

Hugs to all,
Debbie - gms
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What is everyone doing?
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