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Re:What is everyone doing? - 2011/01/26 19:34 Little Witchy checking in) It's been a while I know:...((( and I have missed you all so. I thought I would pop in and say hello.

The last couple of years have been less than stellar so I haven't made a lot of soap. But since I had scads of bars already made, I finished up the last of the 2010 market season. Learned a whole bunch about marketing. I didn't know jack before. I probably don't know jack now, but I do know more than I did. As well as shamelessly self promoting myself all over facebook and other social networking sites. It's been a roller coaster.

I moved back in town from Gig Harbor last April and Princess gave birth to my 2nd bio grand child last May. Technically that makes 7 grand babies now)

I sold a whole lot of soap the past few months, so now I get to make a few more batches for the upcoming market season.

I am going to create all kinds of skin loving confections this year so I am looking forward to it. I am also building a website which I hope to launch it this week. We shall see, LOLOL

All and all, I've been a busy girl. I know I need to read all the new rules and regs re: FDA but I'm scared mommy) Any way.... I love you all and will check in more often..... I promise.

Turning the whole world on with my dog's smile.
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