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liquid laundry soap - 2011/07/25 18:46 Hello my name is Cris and I am new. It is in search of an answer that I am here. I make laundry soap and am using the shredded to make a liquid by adding more water and vinegar. My problem is the first time I made the liquid it turned out great. The next time it went solid in the jug to where I had to cut the top off to get it out! I then re-melted this and added more water and vinegar so I could do laundry that day. Yikes! it went solid again only it is more of a jelly consistency. I am thinking I have a never ending batch of liquid soap but fear that by the time it is pourable it will be all water. How can I get the liquid to stay fluid? Is there a temp. when melting that is too hot and would result in a more solid than pourable consistency? I just need an idea or two Thanks!! Cris
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Re:liquid laundry soap - 2011/08/06 12:36 Hello Chrissy,

You would have better success with just grating your hard soap into the finest pdr possible, then adding that to your tub of water in the washer, let it set for a few minutes to dissolve, and then add clothing. One thing is that you are trying to make a liquid soap from a hard bar. The difference is that a true liquid soap is made with potassium hydroxide (liquid soap) not sodium hydroxide (hard soap). You would do the very best in laundry soap, if you made a true liquid soap through the process using potassium hydroxide. Wishing you the best.
Debbie- gms
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