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Back after 3 1/2 yrs! - 2012/06/05 05:30 Hello everyone, I was so excited to find the soapmaking exchange in place (in some form) still. I used to check this daily!

I put a hold on my business to have my two children and get them in school. Now that my youngest will be ending her 1st yr of preschool I feel like I can breath again!

I too had to throw away a bunch of oils in addition to supplies including my molds due to a very wet spring here in MA about 2 yrs ago. Now starting from scratch and very excited. One of my big customers has been chasing me for a while and if not for them kicking me into high gear I may still be putting it off! It's a passion of mine since I fell in love with a quaint little shop yrs ago in California.

Everyone here was so helpful & encouraging. . . I'm glad to be back!

Brickhouse Soap
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Back after 3 1/2 yrs!
Jeanene 2012/06/05 05:30