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A Soap that Siezed - 1998/04/27 08:15 "I found what I thought was a great recipe for Blender soap, so I tried it. Up to this point I have always used an antique spoon and stirred my soaps the old fashioned way.

The recipe called for a just a few minutes of blending time. I checked after one minute and the soap had siezed in the blender!!!

It was like a solid pitcher with the consistency of cold butter. Does anybody have any hot tips on getting this solidified soap out of the blender? I poured hot water into the blender right away and scraped away with a knife.

I do not recommend anybody try making soap in a blender!! Fortunately I use that blender mostly for making paper pulp, but what a hassle! eeek."
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A Soap that Siezed
Karla 1998/04/27 08:15