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Troubleshooting my first 2 batches of soap - 1998/05/01 05:09 "Hello, I'm from British Columbia, Canada. Soapmaking is now becoming all the rage here. I make my first batch with rendered tallow, which after drying, turned to crumbly powder. My second batch was with pure olive oil. This batch turned out great when dried, but then upon remilling, the melting process turned out to be very sticky, no matter how much water was added during the re-melting, but I added my essential oils anyway, and they seem to be drying out just fine. Is it common for olive oil based soaps to be this sticky, and not really re-melt to a smooth liquid?

Thanks for your expertise!
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Troubleshooting my first 2 batches of soap
Rhea 1998/05/01 05:09
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thread linkthread link Re: troubleshooting my first 2 batches of soap
Elle McDade 1998/05/04 09:44