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Rebatching - 1998/05/04 13:55 "I read about re-batching soap and I have not had any luck. I can make cold process fine, but when I follow directions for a rebatched bar I either get brown goop or foamy hollow feeling stuff, any ideas of what I am doing wrong??? I would appreciate any help thanks"
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Re: rebatching - 1998/05/05 09:24 "I too have had many bad rebatches, but I'm starting to get better results. First thing I've learned, don't add too much water and add it only at the beginning. Otherwise your soap will get bubbles and end up airy, not hard. Actually, this kind of soap does eventually get pretty solid, but it takes a few months. Second thing, make sure you put keep the cover on your double boiler, take it off just for the occasional stir. This helps the soap get moist and melted evenly. Hope this helps!
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