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Debbie? Re: liquid soap - 1997/09/27 07:47 "Debbie - Do you have any good pointers about making goat's milk liquid soap? I have made a few hundred (I guess) bars of bar soap, and have read Catherine Failor's "Making Natural Liquid Soaps" approx. 10 times (I'm nervous about making the step into liquid soap), I am going to try to make it this weekend, I've had the potassium hydroxide for over a month now, waiting until I build my confidence. I was planning on using my bar soap recipe (switching the hydroxides) olive, palm and coconut oils + gm and using the soap calculator. When would I add the gm? Thanks for any info. Marcia"
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Debbie? Re: liquid soap
Marcia 1997/09/27 07:47
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Debbie -gms 1997/09/27 10:57
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thread linkthread linkthread link Debbie? Re: liquid soap THANKS!
Marcia 1997/09/27 12:07