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Re: goatmilk soap - 1998/05/28 15:34 "Hi, Im another "goats Milker" BUT I cheat. I use the condensed version in the can. I mix half of my water with the lye, after pouring it into the oils, I then add the other half right out of the can that says "Goats Milk". Because the canned stuff is condensed, its like using only goats milk. I love my recipie!! Ive tried it ever which way as well. This has been consistantly the best way for me!!!! P.S. I dont add other superfatting agents at the end. Nor do I add preservatives. Me and my customers skins are soooo smoooth!! (So they tell me) Happy Soapmaking!!!!"
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Goatmilk soap
Sarah 1998/05/28 06:27
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Kate 1998/05/28 15:34
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Sandy 1998/05/31 21:39